I’m Pleasantly Surprised

Typically when it comes to comics I’m a bit of a hipster.  I’m the poser fan that always goes to the back issues and looks mostly for comics published in Silver Age.  Yes, because I like silly humor.  That and, to be honest, I just like the art better.  It’s a personal preference.

That being said, I’m a huge Flash fan.  Well, not as huge as some people, but at least I consider myself a fan.  People who go around telling you that you can’t be a fan of something because you don’t know everything about it are kind of pretentious, don’t listen to those jerks.  You can be a fan of whatever you like.  Anyways, since I love Flash, I decided if I was going to give a shot to a New 52 DC reboot title it would be The Flash.  I’ve sneaked peaks at new comic art before and been disturbed by the art within.  For all of you who say the art isn’t important if the storyline is good, well, that definitely isn’t always true and art is often the glue between the pages that holds the story together.  Not to say that good art can hold interest with a bad story line- that of course, is never the case.  It’s just now that everything is colored by computers there tends to have been a divide in comics- people who know how to color with photoshop and people who tend to have no idea what their doing.

That being said, I was pleased with the art in this comic.  It was simplistic but well drawn, and the coloring was not too over the top.  I enjoyed it greatly, but I do wish there were more dialogue in comics now, because dang, I read through them really quickly.  Older ones can take me up to 30 minutes to read, I read this within 10 minutes (including the time it takes me to stare at the art on each page for a minute or so).

Anyways, I think I’m going to start doing more detailed reviews on some of the comics I read… from a story standpoint yes, but primarily an artistic standpoint.  Stay tuned.

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