All Moved (back) In

Check it out!  It only took me three whole weeks but I finally have my room 100% put together, plus dog!

Look @ It

As promised here are pictures from my graduating show in April!  It was a really busy show actually, I just regret being too busy to put these photos up sooner.

My drawings in the show!  I had two pieces in my senior exhibition, which I will later post in my gallery!  I have lots of new photos of work that still need to go up in there.  Click on these icons to view them larger:

Delicious mini-cupcakes!  Mmmmmm!

It was really packed!

And here is the whole group together!  Congrats to the graduating drawing majors of 2012!  This picture really puts into perspective that I need a hair cut.  Also take note of Dr. Mustard on the far left there, she graduated, too!


PCC 2012

My internet is fixed so guess what guys?  Daily updates on the site starting today!  At least, until I get myself in a habit.

I rediscovered something I’ve always known at myself during the con this year…  I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures.  Just awful!  I take my camera everywhere, but I never remember to take photographs.  What I have here for you guys is photographs of some work I did during the con (I took three, but I can’t find where the picture is with the cool Paranorman guys…).  So I have a new goal for next year… to take lots of pictures!  Please hold me to it, guys.

Anyways, I apologize for the bad pictures of the work I did during Phoenix ComicCon here…  they are photos of my work after all.  I plan on updating my gallery with my new work later this week.

Speaking of which, here is an awful photograph of the watercolor painting I did to sell as prints for PCC.  I’ll take a better picture later.  I am rather fond of it.  Please let me know in the comments if you get the joke!

I forgot to take a picture of the table until we had cleaned it up!  Biggest fail ever.  Here is a picture of us cleaning up the table.  Featuring Dr. Howdy Pilgrum (Sicily), Dr. Mustard (DJ) and I.

Also… this…

This Pyramid Head was so awesome.  Ohhh!  Side story.  Before we went to PCC Sicily (Dr. Howdy Pilgrum) and I watched all of the Silent Hill Downpour play-through by Two Best Friend Play.  We were so stoked (and it was hilarious) so we wanted to play a legit Silent Hill game.  I’ll make a whole post about that soon, because it’s deserves it’s own post.  Anyways, needless to say, we were pretty hyped to see this Pyramid Head.  Greatest thing ever is asking Pyramid Head if you can take his picture, and then he just nods at you.  Really chill guy.  Probably was about to murder us when this photograph was taken.  Haha.

Also, this picture I did in watercolor pencil kinda came from the hype as well:

Needless to say, PCC was awesome.  This is the first year I actually didn’t go to any panels and spent most of my time at the table.  Oddly enough, I made more money off of sketch cards than prints (these being just a few of them).  And when I say PCC was awesome, I mean just the at the con was. There were a lot of technical difficulties this year regarding funding.  It’s a really long story though that would require way too much typing.  One day I will complain about it in length, but that day is not today.  I also have no desire to make enemies.

Cookies for whoever can guess the joke in my Batman watercolor.


Tomorrow:  Pictures from my Gallery Exhibition in April!  I have a lot of them (courtesy of Alli D), and I just haven’t gotten around to posting them yet.  Also, expect some updates going on soon on the site.  Don’t be surprised if some things look funky.  Gonna do some coding stuff.

Later gators!

Dr. Lunchbox

The Final Day

This is it, the final day, the first day of the rest of my life. I have no idea what I’m getting in to! So scary.

Well, look forward to the website getting a weeding and remodel (if there is anyone out there who actually reads my blog!). I’m going to start putting my comic up here and rebooting it as a web comic in a few weeks, and you can look forward to getting some different and more interesting content. Comic Con is coming up at the end of May as well, so I will be busy getting ready for that.

Until then, watch the Avengers trailer again! I’m seeing it at Midnight on the 4th, so I’m pretty pumped. I’m sure I’ll attempt a vlog or something afterwards… although it might be a bad idea to make that my first one!

Also, the Brave trailer… another movie I’m really looking forward to this summer.

5 Ways You Can Fail

Over the course of this semester I’ve been very overloaded with work and assignments, and through trial and error I have come up with many methods that do not work to help me get things accomplished.  Please, do not fall victim to the same mistakes I have made!

Number 1:  Creating an elaborate to-do list spreading my work evenly and reasonably throughout the semester, only for it to be constantly re-written until it becomes irrelevant. 

NUMBER 2:  Trying to reward myself with videogames/videos/a treat after I have accomplished so many tasks.  Lesson learned:  This only works for dogs. 

Number 3:  Try to tell myself I can just stay up all night that way I have time for both fun and work.  Usually ends up with me waving the shameful white flag of surrender.

Number 4:  Telling myself I can save time by doing the bare minimum on assignments without hardly trying.  

And todays winner…

Number 5:  Do nothing and relax, knowing that eventually the work will get itself done.

Lesson learned:  If you don’t work, nothing actually gets accomplished.


Work is a cruel mistress…  Don’t ever let your guard down or she will smite you.

I’m Pleasantly Surprised

Typically when it comes to comics I’m a bit of a hipster.  I’m the poser fan that always goes to the back issues and looks mostly for comics published in Silver Age.  Yes, because I like silly humor.  That and, to be honest, I just like the art better.  It’s a personal preference.

That being said, I’m a huge Flash fan.  Well, not as huge as some people, but at least I consider myself a fan.  People who go around telling you that you can’t be a fan of something because you don’t know everything about it are kind of pretentious, don’t listen to those jerks.  You can be a fan of whatever you like.  Anyways, since I love Flash, I decided if I was going to give a shot to a New 52 DC reboot title it would be The Flash.  I’ve sneaked peaks at new comic art before and been disturbed by the art within.  For all of you who say the art isn’t important if the storyline is good, well, that definitely isn’t always true and art is often the glue between the pages that holds the story together.  Not to say that good art can hold interest with a bad story line- that of course, is never the case.  It’s just now that everything is colored by computers there tends to have been a divide in comics- people who know how to color with photoshop and people who tend to have no idea what their doing.

That being said, I was pleased with the art in this comic.  It was simplistic but well drawn, and the coloring was not too over the top.  I enjoyed it greatly, but I do wish there were more dialogue in comics now, because dang, I read through them really quickly.  Older ones can take me up to 30 minutes to read, I read this within 10 minutes (including the time it takes me to stare at the art on each page for a minute or so).

Anyways, I think I’m going to start doing more detailed reviews on some of the comics I read… from a story standpoint yes, but primarily an artistic standpoint.  Stay tuned.

Tim Schafer is My Hero

Today I thought I would mix things up a bit and talk about video games that really inspire me. My favorite video game right now is, and always will be, Psychonauts. Although I am a fan of more modern age games (my current guilty pleasure is Assassin’s Creed), I feel that true innovation in the Video Game industry has been less prominent as of late. What I mean is a good game all around. Great game play, great story line and a unique style. I personally think that sacrificing game length for perfect graphics is a poor route. I often feel like I pay more for less hours of satisfaction - but I digress.

Psychonauts. If you haven’t played it before, you need do nothing but watch this scene (as an example) to get a good idea of what the best aspect of this game is:

What you see here is what makes Double Fine so awesome- their games are fantastic for their storytelling and voice over cast. They don’t just stop on making a game with great gameplay, but creating a unique and captivating story with fabulous voice over acting. I have a lot of admiration for Double Fine, and I wanted to mention it toady because it is the last day to pledge money towards the point-and-click adventure game currently being created by Double Fine.

They may have met their goal, but you get a beta copy of the game when it comes out this way, which is pretty cool!

It is fantastic that they are out to bring back a video game genre that has long been dead. Of course, Tim Schafer is also the brilliant mind behind Grim Fandango, so you know it will be awesome!

For anyone that hasn’t played any games by Double Fine, that it would be a good idea to check them out. I’m not going to discredit more popular titles, but I do feel like these games have this amazing spark of creativity you don’t normally see in the video game industry, are highly underrated, and deserve a look if you are interested. Heck, you can probably pick up a used copy of Psychonauts for $5 at your local game stop-

Totally Worth It!!!

<3 Dr Lunchbox

ALSO, REGULAR SHOW FANS…. You should check out the music video that Regular Show posted on their facebook page for reaching 1 million fans! It’s RAD.

If Only There Was Music in My Head, At Least!

I think lately I’ve been in a constant state of simply existing.  I walk around and everyone thinks I’m depressed but in reality I’m really just not thinking anything at all.  My mind is completely blank.  Just constant buzzing.  I do work, but I am not thinking when I do it.  I’ve been emotionless, a zombie, an empty shell.  I’m not sure if I just haven’t been sleeping enough of what.  Not even music gets stuck in my head anymore this year.  Just the constant buzzing.

I really want to pause time for two weeks.  Sleep endlessly.  Catch up on all my work.  Then press “play”.  I wish that was possible.  I just fear that Spring Break alone will not be enough.

You want to know the worst feeling in the world?  Having a really great drawing and ruining it because you have to draw since you are in class, but you are not in the mood.  Now I’m going to have to do all sorts of silly nonsense to save it and say it’s intentional.

When I turn it in on Monday and you are skeptical, just believe me when I say it was an intentional choice.

Later gators,

Dr. Lunchbox